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    The Dream Game


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    The Dream Game

    Post by Novastar on Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:37 am

    RP I wanna Start =D

    Sonic braced himself against the cold steel wall of the sealed room jerked again, "Heh you'll have to do better than that!!" He said grinning weakly as his muscles ached from hours in the Metal Room Eggman had trapped Sonic in. The battered hedgehog took a look at the smoking and battered machine that already had scores upon scores of scratches on it, Just one more hit and it'll go an blow for good!, he thought, knowing there wasn't much to do but bust the machine lached on the only door. He braced himself on his legs feeling his muscles protest against more jolting. Sonic wiped the sweat off his forehead, closed his eyes and took a deep refreashing breath then pulled his remaining strength into one last spin dash. Hurtling towards the mangled machine he grinned, he wasn't going to let a great oppurtunity to tease Egghead a bit go to waste, "Too bad for you, Egghead, looks like Im about to bust your machine into Microchips!" He slammed into the machine hearing the satisatory sound of gears stopping and an engine overheating, he leapt back and collasped onto one knee, panting unable to move and feeling as if his muscles were stone. He raised his ears waiting for an explosion.... but instead the hairs on the back of his neck started to stand up as laughter cold as the steel floor broke a strange silence, "I must thank you Sonic the hedgehog, for you have proven my experiment a complete sucess..." Eggman crackled back into a laugh of pleasure as Sonics eyes widened at the green light that erupted within the torn machine, "I knew your spines would be strong enough to split the emerald again...." he pressed a buttion and suddenly the box fell apart revealing stars and darkness surrounding them, "Welcome to the Dream world my old foe" He said in a chillingly over-friendly voice, "At least, I hope its a dream world...its been said there've been lots of nightmares lately!" He broke into a laugh his body withering to bones then discenegrated. "What the heck!????" Sonic gasped still to tired to move when suddenly he heard the sound of shattered glass and a shard of emerald shot out and pierced into his chest and he gasped in surprise as it stopped into his heart. He felt the scene shake around him, he felt no pain yet tiredness washed over him and he fell into unconsiousness on an icy metor among the realms of imagination.....

    Thanks to Eggman the Master Emerald...ONCE MORE...has been shattered, but this time its shards have attached themselves to the hearts of the users it deems worthy of the task of putting it togeather, however, it WILL NOT come out until its connected to the other pieces and the 7 Chaos Emeralds. But the emerald was cursed when Eggman found it, so anyone who found it opens a vortex sucking in thier home, family, friends, everyone. These vortexes grow and soon the universe faces being plunged into a World of unconsiousness and dangerous imagination as well....

    1. FCs are allowed, and not EVERYONE Involved has to have the emerald piece, friends and family can join too, but everyone gets scattered in the Imagination realm, so try to group with random people, dont with friends and family, we wanna keep this interesting!
    2. No Godmodding
    Even though your 'unconsious' you can still get hurt or risk dying, the curse makes this so
    So please dont Godmod, Thanks
    2. Dont take over other peoples character without premisdion
    If someones gonna be gone and ask to have someone RP thier Character Thats fine, just dont do it without Premission X3
    4. Fourm rules
    Keep the forum rules in mind- This must stay PG-13

    You can choose any Sonic Character(s) or use your FCs, the limit is 2 Sonic Characters though, just to allow some people to have more chances to RP
    -Knuckles the Echidna
    Nova the Fox
    BlackJack the Cat(BJ)
    Dustin the Tiger(Sometimes Dusty)

    Now ENJOY ^_^


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